Mexico, officially the united Mexican States, is a country in the southern portion of North American. It is bordered to the north by the united states; to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico.

PHOTO: Sunset in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. (Photo via iStock/Getty Images Plus/Jonathan Ross)

Discover Mexico

Mexico has a ton to offer travelers in 2020, whether you’re seeking out the perfect beach locale for an unforgettable spring break vacation, looking to immerse yourself in one of the world’s most diverse cultures, take your foodie passion to the next level or dive into the country’s ancient past. There’s much to see and experience in Mexico so let this guide help you craft your perfect trip south of the border.

HOTO: Zocalo Square is as the heart of the Historic Center in Mexico City. (photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / Torresigner)

Best Mexico Destinations for 2020

It certainly isn’t easy to narrow the list of Mexico’s best destinations down to just three but it’s obvious that some standout, including places like Tulum, Mexico City and Los Cabos. Tulum will provide visitors with key insights into Mexico’s rich history as it’s home to the world’s only waterfront Mayan ruins in addition to some incredible beaches. Meanwhile, Mexico’s densely-populated capital, Mexico City is an equally appealing destination for history buffs and culture seekers. Finally, Los Cabos offers an experience to fit every mood, whether you prefer to relax on the beach, dance the night away or satisfy your sense of adventure.

PHOTO: Chichen Itzá, a Mayan pyramid of Kukulcan El Castillo (photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / IR_Stone)

Best Attractions in Mexico

Easily one of Mexico’s most-visited tourist attractions, Chichen Itza is among the world’s most impressive archaeological sites and perhaps best known for the towering El Castillo pyramid or Temple of Kukulcan. In northern Mexico, Copper Canyon is a popular hiking, biking and horseback riding destination and is also accessible via the scenic El Chepe train. The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral dates back to the late 16th century and is an important symbol of the country’s colonial history. The cathedral is located in Mexico City’s historic center adjacent to the Zocalo or Plaza de la Constitution, the main square and popular gathering place that often hosts events. Finally, the Cancun Underwater Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience whether you’re viewing these incredible works of art up close while scuba diving or checking them out via a glass-bottom boat tour.

PHOTO: Day of the Dead festivities in the central square of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. (photo via YinYang/iStock Unreleased)

Must-See 2020 Events

It’s hard to think of Mexican culture and tradition and not immediately think of Dia de los Muerots or Day of the dead. The three-day Mexican holiday coincides with Halloween in late October and early November and is celebrated throughout the nation with family and friends coming together to pray and remember their loved ones who have passed. Visitors to Mexico in 2020 also won’t want to miss the country’s annual Carnival celebration this February with the biggest parties typically taking place in Mazatlan and Veracruz. Sports fans will have plenty of awesome events to choose from this year as well, including the World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship in Naucalpan, Mexico this February and Formula 1’s Mexican Grand Prix this coming fall.

PHOTO: Panama Jack Resorts Cancun. (photo courtesy of Playa Hotels & Resorts)

Best Places to Stay for Families

Families with young children will more than likely be drawn to accessible, tourist-friendly destinations such as Cancun and Isla Mujeres. The latter is home to the picturesque and ultra-kid-friendly Playa Norte beach.  Meanwhile, travelers have no shortage of great choices when seeking out a family-friendly all-inclusive resort in nearby Cancun, including Panama Jack Resorts Cancun, which boasts multiple pools and even a kids camp for children ages 4-12. Families will also feel right at home at The Grand At Moon Palace Cancun. The property even features its very own water park equipped with slides, a lazy river and wave pool. Hotel Xcaret Mexico is another great option for families who can access nearby parks, tours and other activities.

PHOTO: Puerto Vallarta sunset. (photo via Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board)

Best Places to Stay for Couples

Romantic couples and honeymooners will love coastal destinations like Canun, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta where they can unwind seaside at an adults-only, all-inclusive resort catering to their every need and desire. Properties such as Excellence Playa Mujeres and Royal Hideaway Playacar are superb options for couples who want to be pampered while spending some much-needed alone time. In Puerto Vallarta, couples can hold hands while they stroll the vibrant Malecon or snorkel in Los Arcos National Marine Park.

PHOTO: Visitors enjoying the quiet pool at Temptation Cancun Resort. (photo via Original Group)

Best Destinations for Group Travel

Resort cities like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas are ideal destinations for gros visiting Mexico as they each offer a seemingly endless selection of world-class resorts and tremendous nightlife scenes featuring lively bars, live music and other entertainment. Groups can also venture off of the beaten path by exploring the underrated regions of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula outside of Los Cabos. Destinations like Todos Santos, San Felipe and Loreto are worthwhile stops all but guaranteed to pleasantly surprise with friendly locals, gorgeous scenery and rich history and culture.

PHOTO: Grilled Shrimp and Corn Kebabs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. (photo via LOVE_LIFE/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Best Foodie Destinations in Mexico

Mexico is foodie heaven. Not only will you find some of the best tacos, carnitas and mole you’ve ever tasted in your life but the cultural diversity here means that you are certain to try something amazing that you never knew existed. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on authentic birria, a spicy stew made from goat or mutton, in Guadalajara or the tlayudas (Mexican pizza) in Oaxaca City. The Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are also a no-brainer for gourmet food aficionados as it plays host to the annual International Gourmet festival every November. The marquee event features guest chefs from all over the world along with new tasting experiences, forums, theme nights and too many delicious dishes to count.

PHOTO: A woman relaxing in the water. (photo via Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board)

Best Places for Solo Travel

Beautiful San Miguel de Allende stands out for its eye-popping colonial architecture, art and lively cultural festivals. However, solo travelers will also enjoy sipping tequila to mariachi music in Guadalajara and exploring all the charm of Puebla. When it comes to accommodations, singles have lots of choices when planning the ultimate solo getaway to Mexico, including the stimulating Temptation Cancun Resort as well as stellar properties offered by Breathless Resorts & Spas and Live Aqua.

PHOTO: Breathtaking view of the Copper Canyon or Barrancas del Cobre in Chihuahua, Mexico. (Photo via segarza / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Best Places for Adventure Travel

Touring the aforementioned Copper Canyon by train is one of the great adventures you can set out on in Mexico but this expansive country certainly isn’t limited in terms of destinations and experiences that blend awe with a sense of risk. Visitors to Mexico can swim with whale sharks—the largest known extant fish species—near Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun, put their courage to the test while whitewater rafting in Veracruz and even go off-roading in Los Cabos. Mexico’s diverse terrain means travelers have plenty of adventures to choose from in 2020.

PHOTO: Couple playing tennis at the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre in Costa Mujeres, Mexico. (photo courtesy of Palladium Hotel Group)

Best Places for Sports Enthusiasts

Soccer and boxing are undoubtedly the two biggest sports in Mexico so sports enthusiasts will definitely want to add a trip to the Estadio Azteca to their itinerary. The iconic stadium sits more than 7,000 feet above sea level and has provided the Mexican national team an undeniable home-field advantage for years. Tennis enthusiasts should look no further than the all-new Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre available on-site to guests staying at Palladium Hotel Group’s TRS Coral Hotel and Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa properties just north of Cancun. There are also countless adventure sports visitors to Mexico can participate in this year, including diving into cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula and kitesurfing on the Sea of Cortez. Adrenaline junkies traversing Mexico in 2020 can also look forward to skydiving, bungee jumping, climbing and much more.

PHOTO: Cenote Chukum-Ha at Hacienda Chukum, Riviera Maya, Mexico. (Photo courtesy of Aventuras Mayas)

Unique to Mexico

Whether it’s the food or culture, the variety found in Mexico makes it a truly unique destination. The country is home to nearly three dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is more than any other country in the Americas. It’s also the origin of several major civilizations, including the Maya and Aztecs. Mexico’s rich history and culture have resulted in numerous traditions that visitors will want to experience such as Day of the Dead and Mexican Independence Day. The country’s terrain offers every bit as much variety, opening the door to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

PHOTO: Mexico flag. (photo via 3D_generator / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Top Places to Avoid

Mexico is currently at a Level 2 (exercise increased caution) on the U.S. State Department’s travel advisory scale, putting it on par with other popular and tourist-friendly countries around the world, including places like the Bahamas, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Spain and the U.K., among others. However, there are some places visitors are advised to avoid entirely, including the following states due to the threat of crime: Colima; Guerrero; Michoacan; Sinaloa and Tamaulipas. The State Department also recommends travelers reconsider travel to parts of the following states due to crime: Chihuahua; Coahuila; Durango; Jalisco; Mexico; Morelos; Nayarit; Nuevo Leon; San Luis Potosi; Sonora and Zacatecas. Ultimately, travelers exercising common sense in Mexico’s popular tourist destinations are very unlikely to be the victim of crime or violence. Millions of travelers visit Mexico each year and the vast majority have an excellent experience for all of the reasons you’ve just read. This Mexico travel guide will help you get out of the touristy towns, explore the country with your own eyes, and fall in love with what you discover!

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