The 10 Best City Beaches in the World

The beach is an amazing place to relax and reset. It doesn’t get any better than this, Many studies (and even my own observations!) show that going to the beach improves physical health and mental health. Sometimes, you just want the best of both worlds. World-class restaurants, museums, business and financial centers, and all that is associated with a city. And other times you just want to strip down to your swimsuit and relax on a beach. Fortunately, there are numerous locales to do both. A new study by has analyzed 26 cities around the world, on a number of factors such as affordability, beaches and average temperatures, to reveal the world’s best seaside cities. Here are the top 10 cities that emerged from the study.

PHOTO: A slice of the South African near Cape Town. (Photo by Jim Byers)

Cape Town, South Africa

There are plenty of great beaches here. Among the most popular are the four that make up Clifton Beaches. Not only are they spectacular, but it’s also only a 10-minute drive from the city.

Lido – Venice – Italy (Photo via Sandor Somkuti / flickr)

Venice, Italy

Venice may be surrounded entirely by water, but it’s not exactly a beach town. Or is it? Hop on the waterbus for a 10-minute ride from the city center to Lido, a 7-mile long sandbar sitting in the Venice Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea.

PHOTO: Sunrise over Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. (photo via jon chica parada/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Istanbul Turkey

Not only is it a gorgeous, not only could you split time between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, but it’s inexpensive. Oncomparethemarket. com’s list, Istanbul has the lowest average cost for accommodations.


Burj Al Arab (Photo via Nikada / Getty Images / iStock Unreleased)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Public beaches, resort beaches, private beaches … and one of the most dynamic cities in the world as your backdrop. Welcome to Dubai!

Praia de Carcavelos – Portugal (Photo via Vitor Oliveira / flickr)

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is Europe’s westernmost capital city and the only one that lies on the Atlantic coast. There are no less than a half-dozen beaches from Lisbon that can be reached by public transportation, the closest of which is Praia de Carcavelos.

Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona, Spain (Photo via Hans Brunk)

Barcelona, Spain

Both cosmopolitan and ancient at the same time, Barcelona is one of the great cities of Europe. There are nearly a dozen great beaches here, including the hip and trendy Nova Icaria.

PHOTO: Sunset in Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles, California. (photo via Luckyphotographer/Dreamstime)

Los Angeles, California

L.A. has numerous beaches within an easy drive of the city proper, as well as some great surfing and people-watching, especially at Venice Beach. According to, Los Angeles also has the greatest daily number of hours for sunshine with an average of 13 hours per day.

PHOTO: Dubrovnik, Croatia. (photo by Hans Brunk)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

By European vacation standards, Dubrovnik is not a big city. But that’s OK – it has the same great cultural attractions, restaurants and, yes, beaches, as other cities. And many of those beaches are within walking distance of the city.

Onjuku Beach (Photo via Click gravity / flickr)

Tokyo, Japan

When you think of Tokyo you think of New York – glittering lights, a city that never sleeps, a financial capital of Asia. But you better think beaches as well. Onjuku Beach is the quiet, family beach. Kujukuri Beach is more crowded and filled with people if that’s your thing.

PHOTO: Aerial view of the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. (photo via vblinov/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Hard by the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is a world-class city with incredible beaches. Head to Metzitzim Beach, which is quiet, more family-oriented, has plenty of lifeguards and more shallow water.

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